Sunday, June 27, 2010

sworn in

We went to Virginia the first weekend of June so that Michael could be sworn into the Virginia Bar. I think Michael said it best when he said that the best part of all this was passing the Bar. Law school graduation and being sworn into the Bar were just formalities, hoops that he had to get through essentially. But, of course it was fun to make it official by the Virginia Supreme Court judges. And you don't need to ask me twice to take a trip to Virginia. It was an insanely quick weekend, during which we tried to see everyone we could, but we had a great time!
While the lawyers were in a meeting, we had lots of time to play and run around in the convention center. Reese and Matthew have been partners in crime for most of their lives....once the became aware of each other pretty much. Every time they see each other, they are able to pick up right where they left off.

So much spinning and twirling...these kids were worn out!
It was even more fun to make this a family affair, as Michael's parents and brother James made the trip to Richmond with us!
Do these guys look carefree, or what?
These two dads are about to have a lot more time to spend with their that school and the Bar are all over. Isn't this just an image of bliss. What could be better than riding on your dad's shoulders?
One last goodbye in the parking lot before we went our separate ways. So sad.

Friday, June 25, 2010

happy anniversary

Love this guy. Best 5 years ever.
(and I'm starting to notice that we look really young in our wedding pictures...)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

memorial day

May has been a crazy month for us. After our graduation trip to Virginia, Reese and I went to visit MommaCat in Tupelo for a few days and after a couple days back at home--just long enough to do some laundry and pack again--we were off to Hilton Head for Memorial Day weekend. We had been planning this trip with our friends, the McNairs, for months and the excitement had been growing more and more as it got closer. Reese and Jack were so excited to see each other! In fact, every time they saw each other, like after a nap or first thing in the morning, they would give each other a big hug. It was so precious!
Reese and Jack had the best time jumping over the waves in the ocean. All they wanted to do was walk back and forth to the water, and jump over ever wave that came in. Reese would say, after a while, that she wanted to take a break and then as soon as we got back to our chairs, she would want to go right back to the ocean. That girl is a water baby for sure!

When I found out that my sister Tessa in Cincinnati was within a day's drive to our beach destination, I couldn't wait to invite her. To make a long story short, she told me they couldn't come, as they were planning a camping trip for the long weekend. Duffy, sensing that Tessa would prefer to go to the beach, ultimately surprised her by changing their plans and meeting us in Hilton Head! Of all of my sisters, myself included, Tessa is the most fun to play with on the beach. And she didn't disappoint--she and Duffy brought a whole bin of beach toys! After watching Reese try to swing the bat, I saw that we have our work cut out for us. While Tessa was pitching to her, I just took as many pictures as I could; when I looked at them afterward, I was laughing so hard that Reese was not looking at the ball in any of the pictures I captured!

how is she going to hit that with her eyes closed?

how is she going to hit the ball when she is looking at the camera?
bless her.
these two just had a ball together all weekend! (ha, no pun intended.)

The last morning before we checked out, we decided to hit the pool. Reese loves this star-shaped tube that I got her. She actually thinks she can swim when she wears it! And how cute is that bathing suit?!

is this kid having fun, or what?!

Aunt Tessie is the funnest!
Since Hilton Head is so close to Savannah, Georgia, we were excited to fit both places into our weekend getaway. We tried to get a reservation at Lady and Sons, Paula Deen's restaurant, but in order to do that you have to wait in line at the corner of the building at 9am on the day of. Instead, we settled for a picture outside the restaurant and a trip to Paula Deen's store next door.
Walking around downtown Savannah was really fun...there were too many places where I wanted to eat! And, lots of candy stores where they make their own toffees and chocolates in house...with samples at the door--LOVE THAT!
It was such a fun weekend! So fun to see the McNairs and the Olsons. So sad once it was over. Anxiously awaiting the beach trip of 2011! (or, hey, why not Labor Day?!)