Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baby Blair

Reese and I had the best time a couple weeks ago when all of my sisters and my mom, and my two new nieces (whom I had not yet met) came to visit for a girls' weekend in Birmingham. I have a lot more to say about that weekend, which I will save or another post; but I just saw this video on my sister's blog and had to at least link to it.

Reese loved playing with her baby cousins! She loved to talk to them in a high, squeaky voice and tickle them. It was good for her to practice being soft around little ones. One day, after Lindsey and Tessa had gone home, Lauren and I took the little girls to get manicures. Reese loved it--she got hot pink polish on her fingernails and I have NEVER seen her sit so still! As long as she thinks her nails are wet, she won't move a muscle. ( I should figure out a way to use that in church!) Whenever Lauren is around, Reese wants to follow her like a shadow. Lauren can't go anywhere without Reese right by her side. While we were waiting our turn at the salon, Lauren had to change Blair's diaper and, naturally, Reese wanted to help. While Lauren was changing Blair, Reese found a way to make her start giggling--her very first time to laugh! When they all came back, we tried to recreate the scene. So darling!