Saturday, April 30, 2011


You might think that a babymoon is a trip you take with your spouse before the baby last hoorah, if you will, while you still have some freedom. I took my babymoon with my baby--a couple days with just the two of us.

My grandmother passed away last week and Hudson and I traveled to Ohio for her funeral. When my mom first talked to me about going, she said she figured I wouldn't be able to go since I had a new baby and a three year old. I know she was trying to make things easier on me; but, luckily, my twin sister called me to tell me that I really needed to come--that she wanted me to come, so she could see me and meet Hudson, but also that I would also really regret not being there. Bless her. I needed someone to tell me that. So, I set up some playdates for Reese with some of my very supportive friends and booked my flight. Reese was sad for about 2.5 seconds when I told her that I was going on a trip without her. It went something like this:

Me: Reese, Hudson and I are going to go on a trip for a couple of days and you are going to stay home with Dad.

Reese: But, if you go on a trip, I will miss you too much.

Me: I know, but I set up some playdates for you while I am gone. One day you will go to Haley's house, and one day you will go to Liberty's house, and one day you will go to Julia Karen's house. You are going to have so much fun!

Reese: I love it when you go out of town!

I know she was just trying to make me feel less guilty.

So, after a delicious Easter dinner, made by my in-laws who were passing through town, Hudson and I headed to Ohio. Hudson was a dream traveler! And, although the circumstances were very sad, it was so nice to get to Ohio and see my parents, all my sisters, my brother and my two nieces (I love my nieces to pieces!)

all three baby cousins...olivia, blair and hudson
grandpa and blair
four generations once
hudson and kim
olivia and blair. apparently olivia likes to suck on her own toes, and she thought she would give blair's toes a try. the most hysterical part was that blair sat completely still and let olivia do it!
four generations twice
dean, dean and kim dean

Every one of my cousins was there for the funeral and it was really good to see and catch up with them. It had been ages since I had seen many of them! It was nice to be able to share stories and memories of Grandma with all of our cousins and aunts and uncles and to celebrate her life. She will be dearly missed.

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's hard to believe that Hudson is already three weeks old! I'm starting to understand what mom's mean when they say time goes twice as fast with your second baby. I've hardly taken any pictures, sadly. But I blame that more on the age...I mean, don't get me wrong, I think Hudson is about the most darling baby I've ever seen, but that doesn't always capture well with my camera. Either he has one eye open and one closed, or the flash causes him to make a funny face, or the camera just doesn't take the picture fast enough to capture the most of the pictures I take are of him sleeping.

(don't mind Reese's lips...she had been slathering on the lip gloss!)
Reese LOVES being a big sister. She loves to greet her baby Hudson first thing in the morning. She loves to hold him...and has only once tried to pick him up by herself (luckily Michael was close enough to stop her before anything bad happened). She is usually very soft with him, but I am constantly having to remind her to NOT touch the baby while he is sleeping. I know, it is so tempting! If Hudson is ever fussy (which is rare), Reese calmly and lovingly says, "I know, Hudson, I know." or "We're almost there, Hudson. It's ok." And only a couple times has she said, "Hudson, stop whining!" And, best of all, slowly by surely she is learning to be more patient when I am unable to drop everything to do what she asks.

When Hudson was asleep, Reese decided to share her lovey Jeffrey (or Geoffrey, as Michael likes to spell it) with him. How thoughtful!

After a very fast week, and almost a full week early, my mom was called away by a client. Talk about the saddest day ever! I realize that the day your mom has to leave after a baby is born feels like the worst day ever whether it is after a week or after a month, so I tried to suck it up and put on a brave face. (How many babies do you have to have before that feeling goes away?) One of the worst parts about her leaving so soon was that due to my seemingly never-ending cold, I was sick the entire time she was with us...which meant we really didn't get to do anything fun. Of course it was so nice to have her take care of us when we all needed it most, but it made the thought of doing all that she had been doing after she left feel that much more daunting. And we didn't even bake one thing! Blast!

Luckily, a few days after my mom left, my dad came through town on his way to Georgia. It was so fun to have him here and to show him around town. Reese, naturally, loved having the extra attention!

There was just enough time the day that my Dad was going to leave for a quick trip to Birmingham for lunch at Flip Burger Boutique. I've been talking up Flip Burger to anyone who will listen, especially any potential visitors. I originally planned to meet my dad in Birmingham when he flew in, but he arrived too late at night, so I thought we had missed our chance. But after running a quick errand in the morning, we decided to head to Birmingham for the most delicious burgers and liquid nitrogen milkshakes. As we drove, we both agreed that it was the farthest either of us had traveled for a hamburger; I certainly think it is worth it, and after tasting everything, my dad did too. We are so spontaneous!
too much fun left Hudson completely tuckered out