Thursday, June 26, 2008

another year has gone by...

To my dearest husband,

I know you do not usually frequent my blog, but I just wanted to tell you how much I love you...for the man you are, for the husband you are, for the father you are, for how hard you work for our family, for the way you love and support me. You are the man I dreamed of, my perfect match. I love you more each day. Happy Anniversary!

Love, Taryn

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

some clarification please?

So, what exactly does it mean when someone says their baby "slept through the night" for the first time? Does it mean the baby didn't wake up from the time she was put down at night until morning? Does it mean the mother didn't have to feed the baby from the time she was put down for the night until morning? Does it mean that the baby didn't go right back to sleep after eating, but was up for the morning? And by morning, do we mean when we'd like for the baby to wake up? Or when it is light outside? Let me tell you how last night went, and you tell me if you think that counts as "sleeping through the night".

Let me preface this by saying Reese has been off her sleeping game since we went to Montana five weeks ago. I thought maybe the time change messed her up and hoped that she would quickly go back to the 8pm-4am routine we were on before we left, but it seemed to get worse and worse. I started to feed her every time she woke up, simply because that was the fastest and easiest way to get her back to sleep...but then realized I was training her to be hungry so often at night. Last week I started to give her one bottle each day to see if maybe she wasn't getting enough to eat during the day, making her more hungry at night. The last few nights have been better, but we still have a ways to go.

Last night, Reese went to bed at 8pm. About 45 minutes later, she started to make some noise and I went to put her binky back in her mouth. (usually, this works instantly, and she goes right back to sleep) At 11pm, she woke up for a minute and Michael got her to burp and then go right back to sleep (no more than 5 minutes). At midnight, she woke up again, and I went to put her binky back in again. She continued to fuss for a minute and while I was re-swaddling her, I tipped her on her side and she was instantly back asleep. Weird. At 4am, I wake up--not to the sound of Reese crying, but to perfect silence...well, except for our neighbor's snoring, but that is a different issue for a different post. I go back to sleep for a little bit and wake up again just before five and, again, don't hear Reese making a peep. This time I get up to listen at her door to make sure she is breathing in there. Sure enough, I hear her moving around a little bit (I almost laugh out loud as I hear Reese pulling her legs us, having a little toot, and then dropping them again...and I imagine her sighing in relief). Then I hear her starting to make noise, but not fussing noises...more like chatting noises--the kind of noises she makes when she is happy to wake up, feeling nice and rested. I go to pick her up and feed her, and then put her back to bed. I hear her make a few more noises and silently pray that she is not ready to wake up for the day, but instead go right back to sleep. By the way, at 5am it is starting to get light here and I start to wonder, "Does this count as sleeping through the night?" The fact that she went 9 hours without needing to eat is a victory, that's for sure! Reese ended up sleeping until just after 8:30am, and both momma and baby were happy as can be!

So, in giving the play by play of last night and realizing that waking up 3 times during the night probably doesn't count as sleeping through the night, but I was impressed that Reese didn't need to eat until 5am. Without those binky malfunctions, as Michael likes to call them, it would've been sleeping through the night, right?

And, since I've told you everything in detail about last night, I suppose I shouldn't leave out what I found when I went to get Reese this morning. She had some crusty spit up around her mouth and when I picked her up, her entire back was soaking, as was her blanket and the sheet on her bed. Sometimes Reese gets quite sweaty while she sleeps, despite my efforts to keep her room cool, but as I looked closer, I saw that there was some crusty spit up in her hair and also in her ears--sick! It was everywhere! I called Michael at work to tell him about it and he said that he heard Reese making some noises this morning while he was reading, then heard her burp and then she apparently went back to sleep. I guess that burp was fully loaded. Needless to say, it was straight to the bath this morning!

Here's to hoping the next two nights get better before we go back to Montana for another two weeks, and that we don't have another 5 weeks of horrible nights awaiting our return!

Monday, June 16, 2008

11 days and counting...

Mommacat, I'm coming for you. In 11 days. I've got some new shades and a new bathing mom got me lots of new outfits to keep me cool in the warm weather and some heavy duty sunblock so my skin doesn't fry...I've got a hat and a cute, pink cover-up for the lake! What else does a girl need?! Can't wait to see you!

Monday, June 09, 2008

My favorite quirk

Reese is a funny, little girl. I think she gets it from her mom. Last night at dinner, I was holding the babe while the rest of the Wheatley's were chatting...anyway, it was getting close to nap time, so I was trying to entertain her so she wouldn't get too fussy at the table. I was blowing (softly) in her face and she would get big eyes while she gasped a little bit, and then she would get the biggest, gummy smile and then make one of her little squeak laughs! Then I would laugh and then she would was hilarious! I think James, who was sitting directly to my right, was the only other one at the table who could see what she was doing--sometimes she laughs when others are laughing and when she does it with me, I cannot help but crack up!

[Tell me something else funny that she does.] Ok. So, Reese used to be a little spastic in her arm movements. In fact, when one of Michael's friends would ask how the baby was doing, he wouldn't even say her name, he would just say, "How's [then he would throw his arm out to the side, in the same way that Reese would]?" He's a funny guy. Well, as Reese has gotten more control of her motor skills, those spastic movements have calmed down. But, one thing that she continues to do, that kills me every time, is whenever she is unswaddled after a nap, she will immediately throw her arms up to get in a few good stretches. And if she is laying down, she will do the same thing with her legs--I like to say she is hitting all four corners. One day I caught it on film:

Monday, June 02, 2008

Cupcake Pops

After being inspired by a guest on Martha Stewart's Cupcake Week, I could not wait to try these cupcake pops! My first attempt was last month while I was in Montana. My mom and I made them for a party she hosted for the graduating seniors in her ward. We made black and orange cupcakes for Flathead High School and blue cupcakes for Glacier--the two high schools in Kalispell. It was quite a process, I must say, and I was happy that I waited until my mom could help me--we had quite the time working out the kinks with this multi-step project! At first we didn't have the right size cookie cutter to shape the cupcakes (it was too deep), so we tried to build a little lift to fit inside the cookie cutter. Then we had to figure out the best way to dip and decorate the cupcakes without them losing their shape or falling to pieces! It was a little frustrating, but mostly fun. It was much easier to laugh at our struggles with my mom...I might have just given up if I had tried by myself.

The finished product was really adorable, and the cupcake pops were a HIT at the party, so I decided to try to make them on my own for a baby shower that I was co-hosting the next week. I did the first few steps by myself and then my friend Jessica came over to help dip and decorate. We ran into a few more issues as we tried to color the white chocolate bark (food coloring turns the melted bark into more of a paste--not a good dipping consistency!). But, again, the finished cupcake pops were so cute, and very popular at the party! Here they are in the centerpiece:

If you want to try them out, check out Bakerella's step-by-step instruction!