Friday, November 04, 2011


These two are going to be best buddies.

(Hudson's hair really only fell out on the sides, which left him with a pretty sweet 'do!)

When I found out Hudson was going to be a boy, I'll admit I was just a little disappointed. Well, I should qualify that: Until that point, I had convinced myself that I was pregnant with another girl. I even had a dream in which I saw my new baby girl's face in the car seat that we already owned, and she was speaking in complete sentences; so I just knew that not only were we having another girl, but she was also going to be a genius! I was so sure that I had almost started buying some new baby girl clothes that I found too cute to pass up. So when the ultrasound made it clear to the nurse that I was, in fact, pregnant with a boy, I was shocked. I mean, of course when I saw that little baby moving around in the ultrasound, how could I be anything but thrilled and excited and so in love? I was so in love. But I gave myself a day to wrap my head around the idea of having a boy and completely shift gears. And I may have informed my husband that we would not be finished having kids until we gave Reese a sister...or until we got to 10 kids, whichever comes first. 

Hmm, I did not mean to get so far off on this tangent.  I just meant to say that I could not be happier to have this sweet little guy in our family and am thrilled at the bond forming between sister and brother.  First thing in the morning when I get Hudson out of his bed, he looks for Reese and smiles ear to ear and kicks his feet when he sees her.  And Reese insists on giving Hudson a kiss when he gets out of bed to greet him properly.  She takes a lot of pride in being Hudson's big sister and loves fulfilling that role.

We made our first visit to the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler.  My favorite part was the bird cage where you can pay $1 for a stick covered with bird feed to hold out to the birds.  Best money ever spent!

Hudson is learning new tricks every day.  He has mastered many yoga moves including down dog and plank.  He has a really strong core.

He also loves to get on all fours and rock back and forth.  He's hasn't quite figured out how to move either of his hands to achieve any forward motion, but I'm sure it's not too far off.

Reese went to a friend's superfun birthday party full of outdoor "messy" activities for the party-goers' enjoyment.  She may or may not have eaten more than her share of the doughnuts on the strings.

This is one of about three times that Hudson has fallen asleep on my chest.  It is Heaven!  (despite the backache that I inevitably have for the rest of the day from trying to bend over backwards--literally and figuratively--so that he can sleep comfortably)  Totally worth it!

We carved a pumpkin for Halloween.  At first Reese would have nothing to do with scooping out the seeds--"too messy!"  But once Michael made the opening on the top a little bigger, she got the hang of it.
Reese scooped a little to hard and flung a few pumpkin seeds on the floor--oops!

finished product--a witch on a broom, can you see it?
Hudson man wrapped in a towel that I made (believe it or not!) on top of a blanket that MommaCat made.  Love that kid.


OnCallMom said...

I had the exact same reaction when I found out Finn was a boy. My sister and I are the first two in the family, and I loved having a sister so much, I wanted Eva to have that too. But I couldn't have predicted how over the moon in love I'd be with this little man, and just like you said, how much fun Finn and Eva would have together!

Heidi said...

Baby boy sleeping on you is just too sweet! Love it.

I had similar feelings of wanting a boy second, to be best friends with Max, but they are best friends anyway. There is quite a bit more fighting now that Sadie can take and play with toys, but they still both have to see each other first thing in the morning and Sadie is so sad when Max leaves for preschool.

Lauren said...

Hudson is TOO cute. I love your little family - each child with his/her own special and lovable personality. :) miss you guys!